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Have You Tried DeskScapes 2.0?
White Christmas
Bring the spirit of the Holiday Season to your desktop with White Christmas, a Master Skin by adni18!  White Christmas works on both Windows XP and Vista, and is WindowBlinds 6 ready!
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Jan 26, 2008 6:24 PM by Hankers Discussion: WC News
Nothing like getting kids started early learning to draw and paint using a fun program called "Tux Paint".

Thiseasy-to-use interface has fun sound effects and a cartoon mascot toguide children as they use the program. This open source program isavailable for both the Windows and Mac OS.

Bring out the creative genius in kids or kids at heart and maybe a starting point for a future "Master". ;)

Check out the "Children's Art Gallery"

You can get info and download Tux Paint here.

Jan 26, 2008 12:55 AM by Frogboy Discussion: WC News
For those of you who are interested, tonight (in like 5 minutes) I'm on G4's X-Play demoing Sins of a Solar Empire.

A peek into the frightening minds that run the site

Jan 25, 2008 3:20 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

Atthe start of the month, I went looking for questions for a newinterview series with the moderation team here at WinCustomize.  Theresponse was great and I got a ton of good questions to ask our team. I've whittled the list down to 20 questions, and will be asking 5 aweek and posting the answers each Friday.

This week, as it's the first part of the series, I've also asked themods to give a little bit of background information on themselves,explain how they got where they are, what they do etc.

If you want to get a peek into the minds of the people who run thissite on a day-to-day basis, hit the link below.  It's a long read, butwell worth it.

We'll be back next week with 5 more questions!

Hooray for Friday!

Jan 25, 2008 2:16 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

Aswe get ready to bid January a fond farewell, Island "I glow in thedark" Dog does his regular Friday roundup of the skins of the weekpast.  This week there are Cursors, Widgets, Dreams, Wallpapers andBootSkins to pick from. 

Be sure to check them out.

It's all shiny and metallic...

Jan 24, 2008 2:41 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

Ifyou're a DesktopX user, today is another good day.  Today I'm happy torelease Angular, the latest Master Skin theme from community veteran,former moderator and all-around good guy gef.

Angular is a sleek, clean theme perfect for users looking for a newtake on the Windows user-interface.  This theme is specificallydesigned for those of us running at high resolutions as it was designedfor 1680x1050 but will scale up well to any resolution above that.

Included with the theme is a matching Xion media player skin,wallpaper, Weather, Calendar, Search, Mail-Checker and World newsobjects.

If you're on the hunt for a completely new look for your PC, pick up a copy of Angular for just $7.95.  And remember, WinCustomize Subscribers get a 20% discount on all Master Skin purchases.

A helpful guide

Jan 24, 2008 2:25 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

IconPackageris one of those applications that once you use it, you probably can'tdo without.  After just a few days with it, I was loathe to use anyWindows PC with the default icons.  They just seemed so boring &plain.  IconPackager is actually a very powerful application with a lotof options and ways to mix and match your favorite icons.  But mostpeople don't know their way around the app outside of loading andapplying an icon pack.

To help with this, Island Dog has written up an IconPackager 3.2Basics article taking you through some of the more useful basicfeatures of the tool you might not know about.

Hit the link below for the full article.

Customize your PC from start to finish.

Jan 23, 2008 2:39 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

Soyou've skinned your PC with a WindowBlinds skin.  You've switched upyour wallpaper, applied an  icon package, tried a custom cursor andhave some great DesktopX widgets running in the background.  You'veeven applied a custom Logon screen.  You have successfully skinned 99%of your Windows experience.  But there's still that annoying 1%, thatone moment when turning on your computer that your senses are assaultedby the horrors of "default settings".

Yes, I'm talking about your boot screen.

If you're a Windows XP user, BootSkinwill allow you to swap out the standard Windows XP loading screen yousee when you turn your PC on.  Take control of the last unskinnedelement of your PC!

Here are some great BootSkins you should try if you decide to give the application a spin.


BootSkin is a free product and only works on Windows XP.  You can get a free copy here.

A new regular update on what's happenin' on the frontline of Uploads/mods....and other 'stuff'.

Jan 23, 2008 1:23 PM by Jafo Discussion: WC News

OK,so I started moderating 6.5 years ago ....about time we had a 'regular'update news/thingie on what we 'do' and what we're seeing in thequeues....;)

One section I look at is screensavers.  [I personally never screen goes blank after ten minutes of disuse....[like mybrain], so there's no 'point'].

What intrigues me is how one saver can be a simple 'scr' file ofhalf a meg....and look good with it....whilst others are 36 meginstallers [exes] and to use the cute English word - simply look alittle naff.

My DSL isn't the world's fastest.....probably closer to downloading 36 meg to check out is a little 'War andPeace'....

But, we do it so we get the chance to be attacked by evil virii FIRST before releasing the executables to the wild...;)

I like Bootskins.

They download fast.

8 minutes to go on that s'saver d/l.... keep typing.

There's currently about 30 items in the various Queues.....[I justcleared another 20 or so].... relatively 'quiet'.... though thatdepends on who else has bumped some through before my checking.

There's still the odd upload that goes wrong....generally previews do not work ... but that's always been an issue at times.

The busiest section is still the wallpapers [always was] and it'sprobably still the most contentious.  I personally rarely find anythingof interest, though am still bemused by those who imagine they won't be'found out' when submitting a Digital Blasphemy wall....


Anyway....this is the first of a weekly 'update' on the intricacies of 'behind the scenes'....

[one day I aim to make it actually interesting, too....]....;)


Ah....saver d/l to 'get infected'....or not...;)


Jan 22, 2008 7:29 PM by Frogboy Discussion: WC News

2008-01-22_1407Foryears, power users have been customizing their Windows desktop byapplying skins, themes, icon packages, wallpapers, widgets, etc. 

To the new user, the number of steps in order to achieve acompletely new desktop has often discouraged them from getting intoit.  How do they get their normal desktop back if they want? Whatprograms are free and what programs aren't? Do I have the latestversions of the various programs?

The answer for most users to those questions has been Stardock's popular desktop enhancement utility suite, Object Desktop.

But now, there's an alternative choice for users who want to apply aparticular theme they see and like without having to worry about thesoftware at all.  It's called MyColors.

MyColors allows users to purchase individual themes. The themesthemselves contain information as to what software they need to run andMyColors automatically provides the user with the appropriate versionsof the software they need to use it.

To ensure there are enough themes of interest to users, Stardock hasteamed up with the NHL, the NCAA, NBA, GM, Ford, and many others tocreate themes for everything ranging from the Corvette Desktop to theBoston Celtics. In addition, dozens of totally original themes havebeen created as well and more hundreds more are on the way (there'ssome big announcements coming up).

Later this year, MyColors is expected to be pre-loaded on severalmajor OEM PCs (though Stardock cannot publicly disclose who they areyet).

To celebrate the official launch of MyColors 2008, Stardock isproviding a free theme on the MyColors website so that users can tryMyColors for themselves. It is compatible with WindowBlinds and ObjectDesktop.

Get it at:

Jan 22, 2008 6:21 PM by Zoomba Discussion: WC News

CursorXP(and the upcoming CursorFX) is one of those often overlooked skinningtools.  What folks don't realize is that a cursor theme can be justwhat you need to complete that new visual look you're going for on yourPC.  Most people are just accustomed to their cursor being small andboring, but that need not be the case!  We have some incrediblytalented cursor designers here at WinCustomize.  Here are some of thecoolest cursors uploaded to the site recently...